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Tolga is a picturesque safe country town in Far North Queensland, Australia on the Atherton Tableland or the Cairns Highlands. It is at approximately 760 meters elevation in the tropics mostly in Eucalyptus forest bordering on the edge of Rainforest. It is 43km South West of Cairns in a straight line at (1713'S, 14529'E). There is more information at

On the 20-3-06, the eye wall of cyclone Larry went through Tolga. The cyclone devastated Innisfail and was one of the strongest cyclones to hit Australia. It made world news headlines. However, because Tolga is inland, the town avoided major damage, although many trees were blown down and some farm sheds were destroyed. A report on the cyclone in Tolga can be viewed by clicking here.

This site has high quality, accurate and detailed graphs that enable you to see trends in the weather for every time of the day. Instruments are highly accurate and are mostly the standard type the Bureau of Meteorology or professionals use.

This data is much more useful than many existing measurements that only give a couple of readings per day. Other records containing only the minimum and maximum temperatures do not tell you how long the temperature was at what value. Values of just the minimum and maximum temperatures don't often give a true indication. For example day 1 has a minimum of 8 degrees while day 2 has a minimum is 10 degrees. Day 1 will not necessarily feel cooler, especially in a building. The coolness will depend on how long it is cool. Day 1 could be mostly well above 10 degrees with a spike of 8 degrees for only a short period, while day 2 may remain on 10 degrees for most of the night. Therefore day 2 would be cooler especially in buildings, since buildings are insulated from temperature spikes.

Also, measurements that are taken a couple of times a day may be taken when the variables read totally different than what they read for most of the day. For example, wind measurements could be taken in a lull when the day was actually very windy. Other variables such as sunshine and humidity vary considerably throughout the day, as you will see from the graphs.

Current readings include: temperature, humidity, dew point, visible light, rainfall and rainfall intensity. Other readings including wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and grass temperature will also soon be graphed out. A quality sky camera will soon be added.

Accuracy: The electronic temperature sensors are highly accurate and compare within a fraction of a degree to the standard mercury Bureau of Meteorology thermometers. The other instuments are often checked for accuracy.

Weather man Peter Byrne from the local Television station lists the Tolga temperatures every week day. He is an experienced weather reporter on our local TV station that quotes: "Peter Byrne is one of regional Queensland's best known weathermen with 30 years experience with the Meteorological Bureau."
On the 4-8-03 he stated the following about Tolga and these measurements.
". . . it is a very important town in the local area isn't it, and we've reliable, accurate information coming in from Tolga."

Explanations: In Australia weather instruments are reset at 9 AM each day. Charts on this site are started at 9 AM and run for 24 hours. The dark vertical line represents midnight.

The air temperature is measured in a Stevenson's screen. My screen is a standard screen that has been in use for many years.

Stephenson Screen, weather and clouds

The 6hr-Max is the maximum temperature recorded between 9 AM and 3 PM. It is recorded against the date that it happens. The 6hr-Max is used by local TV stations for the day's maximum. The 24hr-Max is the maximum temperature from 9 AM today until 9 AM the next day. Mostly it is the same as the 6hr-Max because the maximum usually occurs between 9 AM and 3 PM. However, on this site it is listed against the next day's date. The 24hr-Max along with the 24hr-Min will not be displayed until the day and chart is completed. On this site all the 24 hour records are reset at 9 AM and recorded against the date of the day that they are reset, which is the end of the graph.

Charts are updated every hour on the hour. They represent a continual readout of past weather. A sample is taken every 36 seconds. It is chosen because it is one onehundreth of an hour and it makes graphing and finding data easier. Charts are then uploaded to the Internet. The upload should be complete by 12 minutes past the hour when I am connected to the Internet.

I am almost always connected between 1.14 and 3.14 PM. If I am not connected earlier, today's chart along with the complete chart for the previous day should be uploaded by 1.14 PM. If you need those updates before 1.14 please let me know. Soon broadband is coming to this area so hopefully there will soon be updates 24 hours a day. At the moment I cannot guarantee that I will always be able to connect to the Internet every day.

The rainfall intensity graphs since the 25-7-04 have dots of three different colours which represent different sample durations. The shortest duration is 72 seconds (1/50th of an hour). This means two rainfall measurements are taken 72 seconds apart and the difference calculated which is then multiplied by 50 to give the rainfall rate in millimeters per hour. This shortest sample has a black dot and is not listed for rainfall rates of less than 12mm/hour because such values would not be accurate. Lower values are calculated from the longer sample rates represented by the other colours. A dark blue dot represents rainfall over a sample duration of 108 seconds (1/33th of an hour). Light blue is for a duration of 180 seconds (3 minutes or 1/20th of an hour).
Before the 25-7-04 the black dot represented a rain duration of 36 seconds and a gray dot represented a duration of 72 seconds.

The number of rainy days listed in the tables do not include days when a reading of 0.2mm occurs because often this is just dew.

The wet bulb temperature is the temperature measured by a sensor encased in wet cotton cloth. The temperature and the wet bulb temperature are used to calculate the dew point and humidity. Dew point is a measure of the temperature that the air needs to be cooled to for condensation to occur. The humidity recorded is relative humidity and is a percentage of the most water the air can hold at that temperature.

Relative humidity is calculated by a formula using the wet and dry bulb temperatures. Did you know that in most occasions when the relative humidity is higher it is cooler and often when it is between 90 and 100 percent you have a coat on? There is more information on the humidity page.

Grass temperature at this site is measured on a mat to prevent weed growth. The temperature sensor is wrapped in a single layer of aluminum foil and then wrapped in white UV stabilized solarweave plastic. This reflects the heat during the day. Temperatures measured during the day indicate the temperature in the sun under that particular surface. For most other surfaces they are significantly more because some colours absorb more heat than others. During the late afternoon or early morning shadows shade the sensor and cause downward spikes in the readings. These are more pronounced during the winter when the Stevenson's Screen also casts a shadow. On very rare occasions the sensor may be briefly shaded near the middle of the day.

Sometimes graphs do not load on the webpage with my computers even though they are uploaded on the server. Often reloading the page causes them to load. Please let me know if you do not see any current or past graphs not loading because it may be a server problem and I am not sure how widespread the problem is.

Microsoft Excel is used to calculate the formulas and generate the graphs.

Climate Averages: Click here for a overview of the averages for the Tolga and Atherton area.

Often there are measurements that give a false indication of the area. This is especially so for temperature. Variations are often due to the exposure of the screen. Hence comparisons between centers give false impressions if the exposure is not taken into account. There are solutions to the problem as explained. To see more information and a listing of some weather stations and their exposures please click here.

Minor Bugs:There is a dead band between 9 AM and 9.05 AM where no samples are taken. On earlier charts it was between 9 AM and 9.10 AM. This is when the computer is rebooted to ensure reliability. It is almost impossible for maximum or minimum temperatures to occur between those times anyway. It will not affect rainfall readings because a separate devise that is continuously powered will keep a cumulative total of rainfall.

On some past charts there were power failures in our area and hence some gaps in the data. Soon I plan to ad a battery to my UPS to avoid these problems. Please let me know if any of these schedules cause a problem or if you can suggest any improvements. You can email me or phone 0740955447 or 0740954354.

I have had a hard drive failure so less frequent updates will be available for the next few days until the problem is resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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From the 27-6-04 to the 3-7-04..
From the 20-6-04 to the 26-6-04.
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From the 9-5-04 to the 15-5-04.
From the 2-5-04 to the 8-5-04.
From the 25-4-04 to the 1-5-04.
From the 18-4-04 to the 24-4-04.
From the 11-4-04 to the 17-4-04.
From the 4-4-04 to the 10-4-04.
From the 28-3-04 to the 3-4-04.
From the 21-3-04 to the 27-3-04.
From the 14-3-04 to the 20-3-04.
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From the 8-2-04 to the 14-2-04.
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From the 18-1-04 to the 24-1-04.
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From the 28-12-03 to the 3-1-04.
From the 21-12-03 to the 27-12-03.
From the 14-12-03 to the 20-12-03.
From the 7-12-03 to the 13-12-03.
From the 30-11-03 to the 6-12-03.
From the 23-11-03 to the 29-11-03.
From the 16-11-03 to the 22-11-03.
From the 9-11-03 to the 15-11-03.
From the 2-11-03 to the 8-11-03.
From the 26-10-03 to the 1-11-03.
From the 19-10-03 to the 25-10-03.
From the 12-10-03 to the 18-10-03.
From the 5-10-03 to the 11-10-03.
From the 28-9-03 to the 4-10-03.
From the 21-9-03 to the 27-9-03.
From the 14-9-03 to the 20-9-03.
From the 7-9-03 to the 13-9-03.

Earlier charts dating back months are freely available.

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